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Discover more thoughts and ideas around the definition of curating and the role of the curator with these suggestions for further reading.

‘I found myself suddenly seeing the curator as a breed with different species that way back in time may have had a shared common ancestor.’ Curating the Curator 2 – Image  by Tincture of Muse  (September 2014)

‘Museum and gallery curating seems just to have become sexy (again)‘ The Curator’s Egg‘  by Mary Beard (March 2014)

The Curator’s business will be quite as much to keep useless specimens out of the museum as to acquire those that are useful” William Flower, then Director of the Natural History Museum, writing in 1883.  Quoted in The Index Museum  by Helen Pethers (November 2013)

‘…but what do you ACTUALLY do all day?‘ A week in the life of a Curator by Nick Booth, Curator of the Research and Teaching Collection at UCL Museums and Collections (September 2013)

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